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What is strata cleaning and what is included in it?

Have you found different cleaning companies offering strata cleaning services to the customers? 

Have you ever wondered what is so special about these services or what specific services are parts of the strata cleaning services? You’ll find an answer to this question here in this article.

What are strata cleaning?

This is a special type of cleaning in which a building or a particular room is divided into sub-areas for cleaning, thus providing ease to the property owners and managers in providing full care of the property. Besides, it is a method of cleaning beneficial for the tenants as well.

Are there any types of strata cleaning?

Yes, strata cleaning is a name given to the specific cleaning mechanism in which a building is divided into sub-areas. To categorize the strata cleaning in different types, the area being served has to be considered. 

For example, if a sub-portion of an office building is to be cleaned, it would be termed as the strata office cleaning. Similarly, if the same process would have to be applied to the residential building, then it will have to be referred to as the strata residential cleaning.

What services are included in strata cleaning?

As strata cleaning is the cleaning of certain portions of the buildings, so the exact scope of service would depend on the area being targeted. We are sharing a list of some common building spaces and the specific services that would be required as a result.

strata cleaning Vancouver

Garden area strata cleaning

In this type of cleaning, the dead leaves are removed from the garden, giving an aesthetically good appearance to your garden. Besides, the removal of weeds and extra plants is also part of the activities of the garden area strata cleaners.

Grass cutting and collection of bins are also part of the regular cleaning of such cleaners. However, it does not cover other complex activities that might require the supervision of the gardener.

Lobbies and Reception area

Reception at the offices and the lobbies have the highest footprint every day. Thus, to keep the place clean every time, you need the lobbies and reception are cleaners, which is the part of strata cleaning activities. Cleaning the floors, desk and other such areas are part of the regular activities in the lobbies, and reception area strata cleaning.

Lifts area

Similar to the lobbies, the lifts are the next busiest places that must be kept cleaned and sanitized to keep the overall environment of the office or building fresh and hygienic. Some of the specific activities included in this type of cleaning include wiping the buttons, stands, and rails (if any).

If you are a property manager and your building manager is having a complicated time maintaining building cleanliness, Allegiance Clean will help you fill that void. We understand that some cleaning problems at Strata Buildings require the use of proper tools and techniques for clearing the dust and sanitizing the place. We offer daily, bi-weekly, and weekly janitorial cleaning services all over the Lower Mainland.

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