Commercial Cleaning in Vancouver

Commercial Cleaning Vancouver

It’s essential to maintain the clean and hygienic work space especially after the COVID-19. Finding the reliable commercial cleaning service in Vancouver is a challenging task. We worked with many clients who were not satisfied with their cleaning services as they failed to match the requirements. You might assume that finding the best commercial cleaning Vancouver is beyond the budget. But, we at Allegiance Clean makes sure that our clients are getting the affordable, risk-free and high quality cleaning services.

commercial cleaning services
commercial cleaning services

Reliable Allegiance Clean Services

At Allegiance Clean, we’ve been providing cleaning commercial properties like: offices, hotels, daycares, gyms, and retail stores for 6 years now. We only hire high-quality and trained commercial cleaners in Vancouver. We use the right tools and techniques for making sure the defined standards of our services are matching.

You just need to give us a call and we will quickly provide you with Quote based on your requirements.

Green Cleaning Only

Our goal at Allegiance clean is to use eco-friendly chemicals and procedures for eliminating the risk of health around Commercial buildings. We make sure that our clients are getting the green cleaning service without paying extra.

Almost all the quality chemicals are eco-friendly. Our professionals avoid using toxic chemicals for keeping safety first, as studies proved that toxic chemicals could cause serious health issues like asthma.

green cleaning

Our Services

Office Cleaning

Business offices that have a clean and sanitized environment will have major impact on your employees. The elements of having a clean and sanitized office will impact the way your employees work by improving on their mood.

Residential Strata Building

Residential strata building cleaning presents a difficult challenge for property and building managers. These types of residential buildings combine both private and common living spaces must be deep cleaned for safety.


Why Allegiance Clean?

High-Quality Cleaning

Commercial buildings and apartments always require deep clean for the safety of employees and people living in Apartments. We make sure that our defined cleaning standards are achieved every time.

All Kind of Cleaning

We worked for a lot of buildings/apartments and we are flexible in terms of serving the unique cleaning requirements. You can let us know what exactly you are looking for? And we will do our best to match your requirements.

Affordable cleaning Services 

Allegiance Clean believe that customers should get the maximum possible valu for their money when it comes to the commercial cleaning in Vancouver. So, you can expect very good rates from us.



Commercial cleaning includes offices, factories, schools, hospitals, and other sorts of workspaces. Such cleaning is performed by professional cleaners or companies that own and engage the right resources to efficiently complete the job.


Commercial cleaning covers every aspect of cleaning in commercial locations. Also, different companies offer different services in their commercial cleaning packages.

Deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, fire/flood cleaning, grout cleaning, upholstery, and furniture cleaning includes commercial cleaning.

House or Apartment cleaning is called domestic cleaning. Offices and workspaces cleaning is called commercial cleaning.

If you want to hire the most reliable companies for commercial cleaning, then the best source is to get recommendations from the property managers and rental officers.

They are not only well aware of the cleaning company’s reputation, but these companies also contact them for referrals. So, you can easily get the best commercial cleaning contracts from nearby property managers.

The exact cost is calculated by the number of hours required to clean a space. On average, the per hour rate charged by the cleaning services is $45. You can estimate the overall cost based on the estimated time you want the company to work on your premises.

Janitorial services focus on minor or routine cleaning tasks— It helps to maintain the cleanliness of the workspace on a day-to-day basis. Some of the janitorial services include washroom cleaning, floor mopping, carpet vacuuming, and hard surface dusting. However, in the cleaning services, the companies focus on big tasks like carpet cleaning, window washing, tile cleaning, etc.

he three main types of cleaning include:

  1. Janitorial cleaning – regular cleaning tasks to keep the workplace need and tidy
  2. Project-related cleaning – cleaning of a specific area or specific type of cleaning (e.g. carpet cleaning) is included in this type
  3. Commercial cleaning – big cleaning jobs, which are often one-time or are performed yearly. Such as power washing the building exterior 
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