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Are you looking for professional office cleaning in Vancouver?

We at Allegiance, have multiple years of experience in cleaning offices with high standards that will make you confident in front of your customers and help your employees in boosting productivity. We are flexible and offer many types of commercial cleaning services for matching your office requirements. We work at very good prices and make sure our clients are getting the value for their money.

We use a licensed cleaning price module ensuring that you are not paying extra while having a high satisfactory rate as well. Our staff will visit the site beforehand and provide you with complete details including the quote, time per cleaning task, and time estimate of complete cleaning.

The employees at Allegiance are dedicated and work hard for the company. You can expect fully-reliable and quality service from us.

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We Offer Flexible Office Cleaning Schedule

Allegiance Clean is flexible in sending the trained staff to your office daily, weekly, or bi-weekly with no major disturbance to your office employees or customers.

Our goal at work is to provide our customers with polished and cleaned offices in detail. Hiring a cleaning company in Vancouver is a professional way to ensure that you are maintaining quality standards.

The standard package includes the cleaning of desks, meeting tables, chairs, office phones, screens, keyboards, vacuuming, sweeping office carpets, cleaning floors, sanitizing waiting areas, interior windows cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and dusting.

You can always share your requirements with Allegiance clean and we will provide you with a quick quote.

We offer Cost Effective Cleaning Services in Vancouver

Vancouver is a busy city and there is a lot of foot traffic that makes the scheduling office cleaning compulsory. Our cleaning service will help you in representing the busy hallways and doors hygienically.

Our packages for office cleaning in Vancouver are very competitive and you can expect the best possible price from us. Also, Consider checking out Strata Building Cleaning Vancouver Service.

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Green Cleaning Only

Our goal at Allegiance Clean is to use eco-friendly chemicals and procedures for eliminating the risk of health around Office buildings. We make sure that our clients are getting the green cleaning service without paying extra.

Almost all the quality chemicals are eco-friendly. Our professionals avoid using toxic chemicals for keeping safety first, as studies proved that toxic chemicals could cause serious health issues like asthma.

Got Cleaning Work? Let us Know


Office cleaning is the part of commercial cleaning where the deep cleanliness of the offices gets ensured. The task is performed by professional cleaning companies who are specialists with a good portfolio.

It includes vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, washrooms, and kitchen cleaning. 


Office deep cleaning is different than day-to-day cleaning. It also includes the cleansing of lights, fixtures, door handles, washroom sanitizing, baseboard dusting, desks sanitizing, and some other areas of daily use.

Office window cleaning is the cleaning of the architectural glass of the building from the exterior and interior. It improves the productivity of the employee and brand/business image.

Green office cleaning refers to a sustainable concept of using green products (eco-friendly) for cleaning purposes. It involves lesser health risks and a better environment for everyone in the office.

The exact time for cleaning would depend on the area of your office. Typically, one cleaner can clean 3000 – 4000 square feet of area in one hour. So, based on your office’s area, you can estimate the time required for general or day-to-day cleaning.

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