Is Over-Sanitation Useful?

Have you been cleaning yourself and everything around you multiple times in a day? Whether it comes to your bedsheets, clothes, and towels, is everyone else not allowed to touch them? Does everyone around you feel you have freaked out? Well, you might have. Because with an overly clean routine, you aren’t being normal and this is something, you should take care of.

In this article, we’ll share the drawbacks of over sanitizing, so you might consider acting normal.

What harm can over cleanliness bring?

You won’t have good bacteria around.

Generally speaking, we all aim for cleanliness and hygiene to remain healthy. But removing all bacteria from your routine is something that can create a new series of problems and illnesses for you. How?

Not all bacteria present around us are harmful. Some of them are useful for helping us digest food and absorb minerals. Other bacteria can decompose waste and keep the natural balance of our planet. Imagine removing all these bacteria, what would be the result? You’ll end up in a clean environment but without any friendly bacteria.

So, the result would be diseases that the friendly bacteria won’t diffuse and you’ll be ill; the thing that you have been avoiding by staying clean.

Your immune system won’t develop:

There is another perspective of seeing the over-sanitizing drive. If you’ll over sanitize, your body would never know about germs or bacteria in your environment. The result of this environment would be lesser immunity to bacteria and diseases.

But the problem is staying in this environment is not possible for quite long. You might want to have an ice cream from your favorite parlor or get in contact with your friend with a simple virus. So, in any such interaction, the chances of you getting ill are quite prominent. 

This is because your immune system won’t have antibodies to remove the particular germ before it can show its impact. The result would be a severe illness.

The same bacteria might not even show its symptoms in the person with moderate hygiene standards because their body would have better immunity. So, it highlights that over-sanitizing is not as good as you think it is.

Summing up:

Considering the above conditions, you would now be aware that over-sanitizing is as bad as poor sanitization. So, be moderate. Enjoy your life and keep your sanitization standards moderate.

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