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What is the average cost of Strata Cleaning Services?

Do you want to avail of the strata cleaning services and looking for the cost of these services? Well, this article is for you, as we will cover some of the parameters, which can help you in gauging the estimated quote for the strata cleaning services from the professional cleaning company.

Factors determining the price for the strata cleaning service

Below are some of the factors based on which you can have an estimate of your strata cleaning costs:

1. Condition of the building

If you need the strata cleaners for a new building and you need regular maintenance, then the price of the cleaners would be reasonable $45 per hour could be the average rate you should expect in the Vancouver area.

2. Inclusion of activities

The inclusion of different cleaning activities in your cleaning package also affects the overall quote you get from professional cleaning services. If the area you need to be cleaned is not very busy and only requires mopping and simple dusting once or twice a day, you can expect to get a reasonable price for your strata cleaning services.

Once you’ll increase the activities to be performed for cleaning, your overall cost would increase.

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3. Busyness of area

The busyness of the area also determines the cost for the strata cleaning activities that you would get from the professional cleaners. High footprint areas such as lobbies and receptions of offices need cleaning more often, so the result is a higher rate for the services that the strata cleaning companies would offer.

4. Depth of activities

When you are hiring strata cleaning services, you need to define the depth of services that you expect the professional cleaners to perform. Generally, there are three layers of strata services. These include routine cleaning services, preventive services, and corrective maintenance.

The choice of the right service depends on the condition of your building and different other factors including your choice. But whatever you choose, the rates would be provided to you accordingly.

5. Specialized service rates

Sometimes you might require extra special services or specialized area cleaning for your building such as graffiti removal. In this case, the charges you’ll get will be higher as compared to the normal cleaning services. However, you might get a good rate if you are already getting some other cleaning services from professionals.

If all these factors are confusing you, you might want the exact quote for these services. To find an exact rate for the strata cleaning services in your area, you can call Allegiance Clean for a free quote.

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