what is commercial cleaning

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a broad term that we often use to refer to the cleaning of commercial buildings and workspaces. Professional cleaning companies offer a service with good quality.

The purpose of commercial cleaning companies is to provide you with a clean and hygienic environment, which is not only free from visible dirt but germs and bacteria too.

Let’s explore commercial cleaning in more detail.

Different types of commercial cleaning:

Usually, we categorize all the cleaning services that a professional company performs into a commercial cleaning umbrella. However, there are various types of these services, depending on the workspace and the specificities.

Workspace based cleaning services:

Whether you want your office space cleaned or you are looking for an industrial location cleaning, the cleaning companies often categorize each of these workspaces differently. 

Because the efforts, techniques, and resources required for the cleaning are different for each of these locations. We’ll have a brief overview of some of the types in this section:

Office cleaning:

If you want to see your office clean, you are particularly looking for a commercial office cleaning company to help. You can expect the cleaning of desks, windows, doors, floors, etc. 

Hotel cleaning:

Hotel cleaning is another type of commercial cleaning service that targets hotels only. The staff is trained in a way to provide complete cleaning service to the entire hotel, including the rooms, kitchen, dining, and other areas.

Industrial cleaning:

Another type of commercial cleaning is industrial cleaning, which includes handling industrial waste and other complexities are involved. 

Features/Resources used:

Based on the focus of the cleaning or the cleaning material, commercial cleaning is of the following types.

Carpet cleaning:

This cleaning would focus on the carpets specifically, make it sure that all your carpets look neat, tidy, and germs-free.

Window Cleaning:

Some commercial spaces want to clean their windows being specific. Businesses having an office on top floors often ask for windows cleaning services.

Litter picking:

Some of the commercial cleaning services also offer litter-picking services. These services are for hospitals or factories dealing with hazardous wastes. 

When we are talking about toxic wastes, litter picking is an essential service that commercial entities can enjoy.

These categories that we have highlighted above are only to provide an overview. 

Is there any difference between commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning?

Yes, there is a difference between commercial and domestic cleaning based on the scope, coverage, and techniques required.

In the commercial cleaning services, the area covered is quite large, which requires specialized machinery and chemicals for proper cleaning. In domestic cleaning, the cleaners can perform regular cleaning with a professional attitude. 

Similarly, domestic cleaning usually doesn’t require strong chemicals because the homes aren’t too messy usually, and as the place has to be used for residential purposes, so risk with super-strong chemicals is often not taken.

We hope that the concept of commercial cleaning would be clearer after reading this article. If you have any questions or concerns, you can post it in the comments section.

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