What are 5 Cleaning Agents?

Are you looking to clean your place yourself? Do you want to know about the cleaning agents that can help in the cleaning process? There are five major types of cleaning agents that can ease up your cleaning process. You must keep in mind that these five things usually work on different surfaces and cleaning requirements.

What is a cleaning agent?

A cleaning agent is any product that facilitates the cleaning process by becoming a solvent in the entire process. However, it does not include any sort of tools. 

5 cleaning agents:

Here are the five cleaning agents. You can choose the one that you will require for cleaning a particular surface.


No doubt, water is the best and widely used cleaning agent. You can use it on nearly any surface for cleaning purposes. Usually, the water cleans dirt and its particles to make things look clean. Besides, it can also dissolve minerals and fats. 

Water also constitutes a component in the other cleaning agents. Making it the best and widely used one.

Alkaline Cleaning Agents:

These cleaning agents contain bases, which have a strong impact on hard surfaces, especially for removing colors or stains. It works on clothes as well. The basic purpose of the alkaline agent is the dissolution of dirt, proteins, and oil.

Acidic Cleaning Agent:

The acidic cleaning agents have a pH lower than 7. These agents contain acid, which helps in brightening metals. Excessive use can result in the dissolution of metals too.

These agents are used for cleaning the tiles and areas where water leaves marks, usually in the bathroom and outdoors.


These cleaning agents are quite similar to alkaline cleaning agents, which means they dissolve oil, dirt, and petroleum by-products. In the construction industry, kitchen surfaces, and grease on floors can be cleaned significantly using degreasers.

Neutral cleaners:

Well, you can include water as the significant neutral cleaner, but other products qualify as neutral cleaners too. Any product that has a PH from 6-8 can be classified so. You can find them in the departmental stores, or you can ask your cleaning company to use them.

The benefit of using these cleaning agents is that little, or no residue is left when using them for removing the regular household dust.

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