Science World Vancouver

Visiting Science World is going to be a wonderful treat for science lovers. Study of the bones and artifacts, discussion about the concepts like time travel, and in-depth research into the other science topics that matter to you are a part of this visit.

Here is precisely what you can get in your visit:

Field notes:

This is a unique branch of Science World Vancouver where you can find answers to your general everyday questions. 

Mostly, these questions aren’t part of the normal science subjects that we study in our schools; rather, they stem from our curiosity to know more about the impossible situations that we see in the movies. 

So, bringing your children for a visit can answer many of their queries that you might not have considered crucial for the discussion.


You get to see science-related movies, which can create an urge in your minds to explore this domain further. Besides, these films can answer all of the general concerns that your children can have regarding everyday concepts.

Kaleidoscope Science Store:

Your kids are going to love this section of the Science World. This store contains some of the science-related souvenirs, gifts, and tots that can grab your kid’s attention. 

Puzzles, science books, games, and gift cards are some of the products that the store offers.

Even if your kids aren’t visiting the Science World with you, you can buy them these gifts, and they are surely going to have a lot of fun with a great learning experience.

Live Shows:

The management of the Science World also hosts live shows for the audience. Different topics and sub-categories are selected every time to fulfill the learning purpose of the visitors, along with the provision of the fun activity when people are visiting the place.

Summing up:

Overall, Science World is a superb location for science lovers. It is more than a traditional science museum, which usually presents boring stuff for kids. This location aims at providing young minds with an interactive experience with science so they can boost learning.

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