queen elizabeth park vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver BC

Queen Elizabeth Park is different from the other parks in the region. Why? Because it is a park that is present on the top of a mountain and not meant for being a park initially. It was a pathway for transporting material to build the roads.

 $1.25 million was invested in the area to convert it into the Queen Elizabeth Park that we know today.

Within this park, there are multiple attractions to enjoy. You can even suit your taste to find the best things to visit.  

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Attraction to enjoy in the Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver:

Here are some other things that you can enjoy apart from the natural beauty and the scenic hill view:

Have a walk in Arboretum:

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver has a well-established Arboretum where you can walk and see the magnificent living collections of woody plants. You can even have some scientific analysis of the trees as well, depending on your research scope and requirements.

Celebration Pavilion:

It is a specified area where you can arrange your events like weddings, recitals, and other celebrations. You’ll have this area specific to you. We’ll provide you with seating arrangements and soft piano music playing in the background.

Bloedel Floral Conservatory:

Within this indoor floral conservatory, you can find 500 flowers and plants in the area. Flowers everywhere around you would make it look just like a paradise. Designated as a heritage building, you’ll also find the building beautiful.

Quarry Garden:

The Quarry Garden is also located in Queen Elizabeth Park. The selected foliage and bulbs are everywhere around, making the entire area lush. A waterfall, flowing down the top makes the entire area beautiful.

Dancing Fountains:

You’ll also have access to beautiful dancing fountains in Queen Elizabeth Park. 85000 liters of circulating water makes this fountain work and gives an awe-inspiring outlook.

Painters Garden:

Visiting this corner of the park in the spring season would make you go around the exhibitions from new artists and painters. The outdoor art gallery would present a magnificent view of all the art lovers.

With all these attractions in Queen Elizabeth Park, you can spend the entire day roaming from one attraction to the other and have a lot of fun with your friends and family. This location is even perfect for roaming around alone.

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