Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Are you fond of greenery? Then Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver will be a great location to visit and enjoy with your family. You will be amazed to know that Lynn Canyon Park is at least a century old. So, wouldn’t it be fun to roam around 100-year old trees?

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Let’s have a look at some of the things you can enjoy in Lynn Canyon Park:

Stretched over 617-acre:

The Lynn Canyon Park is stretched over 617 acres, providing various facilities within it. You can even have a stroll around and witness the park’s broadness. Running around or finding a hassle-free corner for some personal time is possible because of the long stretches.

The initial area of the garden was just 12-acre. The second growth of the forest has taken it to the current vastness it currently occupies.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge:

Apart from the wide area, another thing to enjoy in the Park is the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. The bridge sways 50 meters above the ground. The idea of the bridge and its construction was not part of the park’s administration plan. It was built privately. However, it started getting recognition. Since then, the Lynn Canyon Bridge has become an integral part. Besides, the forest’s growth also made it an inherent element. 

Hiking and walking trail:

Special hiking and walking trail are also part of this park. So, you can find your way from one corner to the other quite easily. Depending on the distance between your house and the park, you can make it your daily walking trail too. Some of these trails even connect with the other parks. So, make sure you are on the right one.

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre:

Although this ecology center has not been part of the park initially, now it is. It contains historical information about the park and the plants in it. Visiting this place will help you understand the ecology of the entire area and the role of the 617-acre Park in maintaining that ecology.

Puppet show:

In the ecology center, there is a special theater for puppet shows. The subjects like the extinction of animals and deforestation are discussed in the puppet show to grab the visitor’s attention. It highlights the importance of these phenomena.

Join the historical walk:

This is a historical walk arranged as a special event where the athletes and mountaineers will join to be a part of it and share their adventure stories.

You will have fun with so many activities to enjoy in Lynn Canyon Park Vancouver. If you reside in Vancouver or are traveling to Vancouver, you must visit this gigantic beautiful park.

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