Is sanitizer a disinfectant?

This is an important question that we often hear around. Some of us ask this question because of the confusion between the terms, others are not sure about the sanitizers’ potential and want to confirm if they have disinfecting properties.

In any case, we’ll be helping you find the answer mainly by explaining the different terms. So, let’s start:


A chemical compound that is created to lower the number of germs on your hand or any other surface that you want to sanitize. It is only created to ensure that you won’t get ill from bacteria or viruses (depending on the sanitizer you are using). You must be wondering that if the germs are not killed, how can it protect against illness. That’s a legit question and let us answer that in a moment.

Medically, a particular amount of germs, also known as the Dose of Exposure, must be necessary to make you ill. When you sanitize your hands or the surface, the number of germs left on the hand are incapable of bringing any harm to you.


Disinfectant is a step further from sanitization. The disinfectants are meant to kill any germs they come in contact with, limiting any scope of harm or illness for humans. When there would be no germs on the surface, there won’t be any chances of getting the disease. 

However, the reaction time of the disinfectant could be higher as compared to sanitizers. So keep that in mind while you are using them for commercial cleaning purposes.

Is Sanitizer a Disinfectant?

We are back to our initial question, and the answer to it is no. Sanitizer is not a disinfectant. The result that you get from both the products is more likely the same. But the way both works is entirely different, and so is their chemical composition.

You might rely on disinfectants if you just want to sanitize an area or place, but the opposite won’t work, and for that, you would require a disinfecting agent only. Make sure that for hands and other body parts, sanitization can be enough. Going for disinfectants, which are not suitable for the human body can result in skin damage and other serious problems.

We would recommend getting professional help for sanitizing, and disinfecting your workplaces so there won’t be any risk involved. Ensure to read the product labels before using any of these products, especially on your skin.  

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