How long is Sanitizer water good for?

Have you created the sanitizer water intending to use it for a day or two because you feel lethargic, creating a new solution every time you want to wipe off the surfaces?

Wouldn’t it be better if you can understand the details about this sanitizer water and for how long it remains effective? Going beyond the recommended time of using this water, you are risking your and your family’s health. Also, you won’t like to do it?

What type of sanitizer water are you using?

There are multiple sanitizing agents that you can mix in water to get your sanitizer water. The most common and cheapest of all these types is the use of chlorine or bleach in water.

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Where can you use it?

You can use sanitizer water to wipe off the surfaces. Use a cloth, soak it in this sanitizer water, and wipe off the surfaces in contact with other people. 

The best way of using it to not put your wiped cloth back in the bucket; rather, pour the liquid over your cloth, so that the effectiveness of the sanitizing agent in the bucket would remain intact.

When they work the best?

If you are using bleach sanitizer water, you should maintain the temperature of the solution between 55°F-75°F. Don’t over-optimize the solution by assuming it to be effective in hot water. It will lose its effectiveness.

How long does it work?

The optimal usage of sanitizer water is for 2-4 hours. Within this time range, you can consider it to be performing the best. There is no hard and fast evidence that it does not remain effective after this period. However, you can’t risk your health even if there is a bit of doubt about its effectiveness, right?

Summing up:

The bleach sanitizer water is optimal for usage between 2-4 hours. You can use it for longer than this period, but it would be best if you can create a limited amount of the solution that would end up within this period.

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