Do House Cleaners bring Cleaning Supplies?

The answer to the question is one of those expressions that you might not like, “it depends.” See? Anyways, we can explain different scenarios to help you find the context.

Cleaning Equipment:

If you have hired professional home cleaners to keep your home clean, it would be better to provide your daily equipment to hired cleaners. You can offer your vacuum and mop to help the cleaning team vacuum them out and wipe the floors for you.

Why? Because the equipment of the professional cleaners is used at multiple places. Even if they clean everything, there is a good chance that the residual dirt and debris would be left entangled in the equipment.

 So, they would be the cause of the transfer of dust, debris, and allergies from one place to another. By sharing your equipment with them, you can be sure that none of the outside agents is risking your house with contaminants like pet hair and unwanted substances.

Cleaning Agents:

When it comes to cleaning supplies like the cleaning agent for steel, mirror, tiles, etc., let your cleaning company manage this stuff.

This is because they are in a better position to identify the right product from the several options available in the market. As they have to clean, so the products must be of their choice.

Besides, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the inventory of these supplies. Moreover, you won’t have to keep an eye on these products to ensure fair usage.

However, if you are off the view that the cleaners won’t use green products, and this is the reason you should supply your products, then this isn’t right. It is a part of the cleaning team’s daily routine to use cleaning products multiple times a day. So they won’t be risking their lives by using toxic products. 

They are fully aware of the consequences that the excessive usage of toxic cleaning agents can bring. So, in most cases, it is highly likely that the professional team you are hiring would use eco-friendly products.

Would the cleaning company agree?

Yes, most professional cleaners do not mind using your equipment and bringing their cleaning products; however, there is an extra fee for the cleaning products. So, you must ask them in advance. We hope that your confusion regarding the cleaning products would be solved now.

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