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Correct Way to do Cleaning and Sanitizing

The current situation regarding the pandemic has made every one of us aware of cleaning and sanitizing. Most of us know the differences between these terms. But aren’t sure what should be the procedure to get the real meaning of these terms accomplished.

What do you need to clean or sanitize?

If you want to apply this procedure for your hands and on the kitchen shelf, there would be different tools and agents to help you in the process.

We’ll try to cover both these concepts principally. So, you can apply it to anything that you want to clean or sanitize at your home or the workplace.


In the cleaning process, you want to remove the visible dirt or other contaminants from the surface you want to clean. Washing your hands with water can help you with that. Similarly, for a kitchen top, you can use a dusting cloth to remove any unwanted things off the shelf. However, cleaning does not ensure sanitization.

Cleaning only ensures that there are no visible dirt particles left. But you still need to do a bit more if you want to sanitize.


In sanitizing, the aim is to remove the germs from the surface, whether they are hands or a kitchen top. For that, you need cleaning agents, as simple water cannot do so effectively. To sanitize your hands, you can use either soap or a sanitizer that guarantees the killing or deactivation of germs. Similarly, for the kitchen top, there are disinfectants available that can serve this role.

As the kitchen is a sensitive place, so make sure to remove every bit of disinfectant after using or better get some sanitizing agents that are specially created for such sensitive surfaces. They are meant to lower the danger to human lives.

With these basic concepts under consideration, you can clean or sanitize any area that you want. If you don’t want to get into any such hassle, then the professional cleaning company can do this for you in the affordable range. You can contact Allegiance Clean to book the cleaning and sanitization services from Allegiance Clean.

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