Canada Place Vancouver

Canada Place is an important landmark, attracting locals and tourists alike. Present in the waterfront area of Vancouver, you can access this location with ultimate ease. With the range of activities at the place, you can enjoy an entire day and have fun.

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Attractions to enjoy in Canada Place:

Let us discuss some attractions, which can make your day fantastic.

Enjoy a Cross Canada Trek:

You can enjoy the coast-to-coast walk from East to West with your partner and make your time memorable. This unique walking trek will allow you to come across different provinces. Be ready to spend a few days on this trail to have extreme fun.

Port of Alaska-Vancouver cruises:

For the Alaska-Vancouver tours, Canada place has multiple cruises approaching from one place to the other. You can go for a trip or maybe enjoy a mini trip to the ocean.

The Cruise Ship Terminal in Canada Place can house four luxury cruises at the same time. You can even enjoy the beauty of the terminal and the overall cruises parked in the sea terminal.

Vancouver Centre East:

The Vancouver Centre East is one of the leading convention centers of the entire world. More than 300 different events are hosted annually in this Centre, making it one of the busiest convention houses. If you want to host an event or be a part of any event in the Vancouver Centre East, you can enjoy the gigantic structure and get to know the basis for the high acceptance of this center east.

Vancouver Discovery Centre:

The north end of Canada Place is the Vancouver Discovery Centre. You can enjoy some of the technical advancements when visiting this area. Touch screen benches and animated infographics are some of them. You won’t only be amazed at this technology, but would also learn about the port activities, operations, transportations, etc.


You can enjoy a free activity at the North end of Canada Place. Zumba is technically a dance class with a beautiful location at the front to keep everyone charged. But in reality, it gets the shape of a dance club where you can pair with anyone or go solo to enjoy your moves and have some real fun.

If you are going to Canada place, don’t miss out on the Zumba.

Flyover Canada:

Flyover Canada is a flight simulation ride with a gigantic dome screen to give you the true flight experience. You can see the aerial visual of Canada on the screen. So, consider this experience to be a real airplane ride over Canada. Within 30 minutes, you can explore the entire country with an unforgettable flying experience.

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